About Me

My name is Kiri, I am a content creator from Tennessee. 27 years of age, happily engaged to a beautiful computer nerd girl, and I'm also a socially awkward derp. Ever since since I was young I wanted to create content for people. I wanted to entertain people, make people smile, and bring happiness to people and myself. In 2015, I started posting content on Instagram such as my cosplay photos, local photography, and life in general. I also started streaming on Twitch off-and-on beginning in 2017.

One day, I dream of becoming a popular content creator on YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram and give back to the fans that made me popular. I won't just consider people as fans, but really as friends. I believe that the best content creators should give back to their audience and try to make time to interact with them like they were a friend.

I hope that you enjoy my website as I plan to add as much content as I can for this website.